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Fast way to lose weight

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The fastest way to lose weight

   One, fasting and detoxification

   Fasting is not the same as a hunger strike, it is an active body adjustment plan.

   Choose a day within a week, usually on the weekend, get up in the morning and drink a glass of warm water, and then start a detox plan.


  1. Fresh juice for immunity──kiwi, pineapple and apple juice;

  2. Detox and slimming juice──Tomato, apple, cabbage juice;

   3. Liquid food: Liquid food is liquid food. Foods include rice soup, soy milk, milk, thin lotus root flour, fruit juice, vegetable juice, gravy, etc.;

   4. Eat more fruits: grapes, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, pears, etc.

   Warm reminder: This method should not be used often, otherwise it will easily hurt the stomach.

   2. Exercise-The most effective way to lose weight

The main purpose of aerobic exercise is to continuously increase your heart rate, that is, increase your heart rate, and exercise your heart. This is why aerobic exercise is also called cardiovascular exercise in the United States. In addition, aerobic exercise It is also one of the important means to consume energy and excess fat in the body.

   Summer recommendation: Freestyle

   1, 12 minutes of freestyle swimming, you can consume 836KJ of calories.

  2. Stick to it 2-3 times a week regularly.


   Exercise Weight loss must be persistent, do not give up halfway, want to lose a perfect Weight loss body, must persevere!

   Three, reduce diet

First of all, we must choose a way to lose weight. It is by no means not eating hungry or eating a small amount of food, but eating a diet for weight loss. It is enough to eat 6-8 points full. If you can’t control it, you will Eat a lot. It is recommended to change to a smaller bowl to serve the rice. Don’t add it after eating. This is fine. You don’t need to control the dishes. Eat as usual. Don’t embarrass yourself too much. Weight loss is done step by step, not twice a day Days will succeed.

You know, our stomachs are stretchable. I used to eat too much to support my stomach, so I don’t feel full every time I eat too much. After a month or two of controlled diet, you will find that, If you eat a lot of things, your stomach can no longer fit, because your stomach has become smaller, so you have already begun to succeed.

   Four, more activities, more standing

   MM who wants to lose weight, please remember one sentence: can stand and never sit, can sit and never lie down, can lie down and never fall asleep. Foreign research shows that standing for 5 hours a day can reduce the incidence of diabetes, hypertension and other diseases. Even some countries adopt the way of standing students in class. Think about it, can you still sit and live?

   It’s always better to move around than to sit down. However, you should pay attention to proper exercise and refuse excessive exercise. Excessive exercise can cause muscle strain and other diseases. In fact, this is not conducive to other diseases. Pay more attention to exercise at ordinary times, you will find the joy of losing weight in the drip!

Healthy weight loss

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