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How to lose weight fast, healthy and effective

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How to lose weight fast

   1: Control calories and balance nutrition

   Balanced nutrition is a dietary attitude you should have in your life. It can not only maintain your body weight, but also help maintain your health, and lose weight while being healthy. This is even more profitable and harmless. The body absorbs nutrients like a wooden barrel principle. No matter how long the long board is, it will not be absorbed, and it will be lost from the short board. Therefore, the rich can eat a lot of delicious and various supplements, but they cannot take in comprehensive and balanced nutrition. Most people in modern times are not lacking nutrition, but cannot achieve balanced nutrition. Nutrition is not much, but: comprehensive, balanced. Controlling food calorie intake is very important for Weight loss, but calorie control alone is not enough. It is also necessary to consider the comprehensive and balanced nutritional supplement in the body during the Weight loss process. If there is no comprehensive and balanced nutritional supplement during the weight loss process, it is very easy to rebound, and it is also It is possible to rebound to be fatter than before. The most scientific way to lose weight is to supplement the body with comprehensive and balanced nutrition, so that the body can consume more fat, and control calorie intake on this basis to achieve the goal of weight loss.

   Two: Control staple foods and limit sweets

   Controlling staple foods and limiting sweets is also a fast and healthy way to lose weight that is very worthy of attention. If the original food intake is large, the staple food can be reduced by 50 grams for three meals a day. Gradually control the staple food to about 250-300 grams. The staple foods include wheat, rice and some miscellaneous grains, but the amount of food must be strictly limited to develop the habit of eating seven to eight full. For foods that contain too much starch and are extremely sweet, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus root flour, jam, honey, candies, candied fruit, fruit juice and sweets, try to eat less or not. Some foods that contain too much fat, such as peanuts, walnuts, sesame, and various animal oils, butter and fried foods should also be controlled. Non-staple foods can be lean meat, fish, eggs, soy products, and vegetables and fruits with less sugar.

  3: Drink moderate amounts of water or soup

   Drinking water is an indispensable need in people's daily life. In summer, watermelon and tomatoes can be eaten to quench thirst. Watermelon juice and winter melon soup can also diuretic. Excessive restriction of water can cause obese people's sweat glands to secrete disorder, adversely affecting body temperature regulation, especially urine concentration, metabolic residues are not easy to drain, and can also cause symptoms such as polydipsia, headache, and fatigue. Appropriate drinking water can replenish water and regulate lipid metabolism. In addition, often drink soup to keep healthy. Drinking soup is also good for human health. Studies have found that soup is a good appetite suppressant. Therefore, some obese people use soup to lose weight. Drink more soup when eating at ordinary times, in order to reduce the intake of staple food, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss.

   Four: Slow food to lose weight

  Slow down the eating speed during meals, which can achieve the goal of weight loss. After observation, Japanese researcher Nakamura found that obese men eat the same amount of food in 8-10 minutes, while lean men eat it in 13-16 minutes. In addition, he also conducted a survey on the frequency of chewing food. Obese men needed 7.7 times, obese women needed 8.1 times, and ordinary men needed 8.9 times, and ordinary women needed 9.4 times. Then he used to slow down the eating rate for weight loss experiments, and found that obese men lost 4 kg in 19 weeks, and obese women lost 4.5 kg in 20 weeks. Therefore, Nakamura pointed out that when food enters the human body, blood sugar will rise; when blood sugar rises to a certain level, when the brain's appetite center sends out a signal to stop eating, it often has eaten too much food. So fast food can cause obesity. If you slow down the speed of eating, you can effectively control the amount of food, play a role in weight loss. So chew slowly when eating.

  5: Change your lifestyle

   A healthy diet and regular exercise are the fastest and healthy ways to lose weight. Only when these two are combined can you stay slim forever. Many MMs have experienced the tragic consequences of failing to lose weight on diet. This is the evil result of not exercising. Efforts to develop healthy living habits will not only make you slim forever, but also benefit you for life! If you are an easy-to-be-weight physique who "drink cold water to gain weight", then you must pay attention to the use of supplements. Speaking of Slimming, the most worth trying on the market today is the classic brand Amywish. Although the price is more expensive, it is very cost-effective, and it also has a professional slimming consultant team to provide you with the most perfect slimming plan. So hurry up and get Amywish in your bag!

   Six: Pay attention to warm-up exercises

  Many people don’t like to warm up when they start exercising, and they think it saves time. But in fact, you waste the time to burn calories. Proper warm-up exercise can increase your body temperature and increase fat burning activity. Every time your body temperature increases by one degree during exercise, your cells will increase their metabolic rate by about 13%. Before exercise, do a simple to moderate-intensity warm-up exercise for at least 5 minutes to gradually increase your heart rate, activate your muscles, accelerate your breathing, and increase your body’s metabolism and calorie consumption.

Healthy weight loss

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