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How to lose weight fast and healthy

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How to lose weight fast and healthy?

  The first step is to reduce food intake and follow the seven-point fullness rule

   Cut the size of the original meal in half!

   For example: It may take a lunch box + a glass of drink to be full for a meal. Then, start with quitting drinks, then reduce your appetite, and proceed step by step. If you really have to drink a drink, please reduce the amount of sugar. Please use fairy grass instead of tapioca! Whether it is eating out or eating by yourself, when you feel that there is still room for eating in your stomach, please put down the tableware! Don't overeat your stomach, the bad habit of overeating, you must first give up!

   The second step, change the order of eating, first dishes and then meat and then rice

   Drink soup first, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, meat, staple food, rice

The choice of soup is mainly clear soup, if it is thick soup, please omit it automatically, because there may be a lot of flour or cream added in it, while green vegetables are harmless to eat more, help the digestion and absorption of the stomach, and the right amount of meat can be balanced Diet! After eating the above foods, the stomach will basically feel full, and the amount of rice that can be eaten will naturally decrease~

   The third step, replenish cellulose in time

   Cellulose is an essential food for Weight loss to maintain a feeling of fullness, reduce the body's absorption of fat, and prevent constipation. Mainly found in complex carbohydrates such as coarse grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. Generally speaking, the daily fiber requirement for adults is 40-50 grams. Many people can't eat this amount. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain Weight loss, and they will soon become hungry and often have constipation. It is necessary to pay attention to increasing fiber-rich foods in the diet. If you don't eat enough, you should also supplement dietary fiber tablets appropriately.

   The fourth step, timely relaxation and exercise, rest is to take a longer road!

   Continuous exercise can reduce tension and fatigue, help sleep, and maintain skin elasticity and rosy complexion. Although it is difficult to spare time for exercise in the busy life now, you can develop the habit of moving from life~

   For example: I can walk up the stairs without taking the elevator, I can take a walk without driving, I can even take a day to two days a week, half an hour to an hour, and walk around the suburbs with my family to relax and breathe fresh air. Or go to a nearby fitness center and spend 50 yuan to use all kinds of sports equipment for one hour.

   Occasionally greedy and want to eat snacks or desserts, please be kind to yourself, because the mood is easy to fluctuate during weight loss, it doesn't matter if you take the right amount in time, but it will help you relax and feel happy!!

   The fifth step, be wary of the taste buds betraying you

   Hunger can greatly improve the sensitivity of taste, especially for sweet and savory foods. This means that when you are hungry, even the junk food in the street vending machine will make you feel delicious, and if you really think you have a great meal, then Wrongly wrong. At this time, you should take the initiative to avoid eating those foods, stick to a regular diet, and guard against the momentary clamor of taste buds

Healthy weight loss

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