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5 simple actions to get back a good figure

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Summer is coming soon, are you still getting fat? Get active, keep exercising every day to increase metabolism, so that you can lose weight without dieting! What exercises do you do to lose weight? The following editor will teach you 5 small actions to make your whole body Enough thin!

   1. Leg lift

  Exercise parts: abdomen, buttocks

  Specific actions: Sit on a chair, place your feet flat on the ground, hold the edge of the chair, and raise your legs to the same height as your hips. Keep your posture and push your feet together firmly. Put down your feet and return to the starting position. Repeat 5-10 times

   2. Raise your knees and touch your knees

  Exercise part: Abdomen

Lie on the ground, with your legs bent and knees together, your left arm bent at the elbow, your left hand is holding the back of your head, and your right arm is stretched out. Using the two strengths of the right hand to stretch forward and the abdomen pressure, pull up the right shoulder and lift up from the ground. , Touch the outer side of the left knee with your right hand, straighten your arm, and the right abdomen is especially compressed, which can strengthen the muscle strength of the internal and external oblique muscles.

  3. Lunge squat

  Exercise parts: legs and buttocks

   Stand upright with the right foot in front and the left foot in the back. The left knee is slightly bent. Then do squat movements, paying attention to maintaining balance when squatting. Repeat 3 sets of 20 times on each side.

   4. Standing push-ups

  Exercise parts: chest and back

   Place your hands close to the wall, lean forward and stand, keeping your arms parallel to the ground. Then tighten the back, tighten the abdominal muscles, slowly lower the height of the body, hold it for 10 seconds when it is as low as possible, and then slowly push the body back to the original position. Do at least 15 vertical push-ups at a time and try to practice every day.

   5. Draw a circle with both hands

   Stretch your hands forward and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Draw a circle with both hands, and draw a circle outward 20 times. Draw the circle inward 20 times. You don't need to draw too much to draw a circle. Use the strength of your arm instead of the palm of your hand to effectively remove the fat on your arm.

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