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How to lose weight quickly without rebounding?

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How to lose weight fast without rebound

   1. Develop the habit of weighing every day

   Although it is frustrating to see that the pointer pattern on the scale does not move, it can serve as a reminder and vigilance. As long as the weight rises slightly, you can control and adjust your diet in time to prevent it from rising. According to research, the Weight loss of people who weigh every day is twice as effective as those of people who have an unconstrained body weight.

   2. Calculate the calories of food

  The general reason for gaining weight is that calorie intake is higher than consumption. Knowing the calories of food, calculating and recording the daily intake of food and calories, not only can be used as a basis for tracking consumption, but also self-control or selective intake when eating, but also to develop healthy eating habits.

   Three, measure the amount of food

  Buy a small amount of food and use it more at home. This will not only prevent excessive intake, but also visually measure the amount of food when eating out after getting used to it, so as to avoid excessive intake.

   Four, plan three meals

   There is an indicator that is easier to control. Although sometimes the calories will inevitably exceed the plan, it must not be too ridiculous.

   5. Eat less buffet

   Eat as little buffet as possible, especially at restaurants that claim to have all you can eat without **. If it is unavoidable, put as many fruits and vegetables as possible on the plate, leaving only a small space for lean meat or skinless chicken and whole grains. Avoid fried foods.

   6. Reject temptation

   Snacks, snacks and sugary beverages are the most taboo for Weight loss. Before going out to eat, do a good job of diet control, such as planning the main dishes first, or drinking a glass of water before going out, or drinking soup before meals, filling half full to reduce food intake. There is too much temptation to visit the pastry bakeries. Leave the table immediately after eating, and it is not advisable to watch TV while eating to avoid overeating unknowingly.

   Seven, eat more foods that are easy to fill up to fight hunger

   The food is currently salivating, and the hunger is even more intolerable. What weight loss plan, let's put it aside! Have a good meal! Enjoy! So, miserable! The scale is shaking. A survey conducted by the University of Pittsburgh in the United States shows that those who can control weight most successfully are those who continue to take a diet that is easy to feel full. For example, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, tofu, lean protein, konjac, cold weather, etc. can make the stomach feel full after eating, and reduce the amount of food consumed. Of course beware of high sweetness melons and fruits.

   8. Include dairy products in your diet

  Many studies have shown that drinking three servings of milk, yogurt or cheese a day can greatly help you lose weight and burn fat. For women, dairy products can also provide calcium to strengthen bones.

   Nine, lengthen exercise time

  Experts recommend exercising five days a week for at least 30 minutes each time. The longer the exercise time, the more calories burned, and the better the weight loss effect.

  10, build muscle

   Weight training (resistance training) can increase muscles, and muscle metabolism is eight times that of fat, that is, the more muscle tissue, the more calories it can consume. For those who have not done weight training yet, it is recommended to add it to the course now. For those who have already, gradually increase the weight of training and continue to challenge themselves.

  11, breakfast must not be skipped

   Many dieters mistakenly believe that skipping breakfast can lose weight. A study by Imperial College London has shown that skipping breakfast will change the brain’s response to food, believing that you need high-calorie foods, which can easily increase your chances of high-calorie food intake. This not only hinders weight loss, but also causes weight gain.

   twelve, drink tea

   Experiments have found that tea extract can increase the body's metabolic rate and help fight obesity. In 2000, the affiliated hospital of National Cheng Kung University found that drinking oolong tea, green tea or black tea can reduce body fat and belly fat. However, tea will affect iron absorption and increase calcium loss, so proper amount is appropriate.

Chinese medicine practitioners suggest: not drinking tea when hungry, it will increase stomach acid, of course, people with stomach problems should not drink more; not drinking tea before going to bed, because sex will affect falling asleep, and theophylline has a diuretic effect, which will cause excessive nocturia , Affect sleep.

  13, never give up

In the process of   , you will inevitably indulge yourself for a while, such as eating more quick cakes or having a big meal. But many people will give up on excuses and revert to the original unhealthy eating habits. It’s no big deal to make a mistake. Even if you repeat the mistakes, it’s not the end of the world. You can still get back on track at any time, just don’t give up.

  For health, in order to maintain the hard-won lightness, weight maintenance is a part of life, and practice it easily and happily. Unconsciously, over time, it will naturally accumulate amazing effects.

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