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Quick weight loss coup

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Quick Weight loss coup

   advocate a vegetarian life

Vegetarian food is very low in calories. If you eat more, you won’t worry about getting fat. Many men and women who love beauty choose a vegetarian diet instead of meat in order to maintain a good body, but they don’t know that the body needs a variety of nutrients. The protein intake in meat will be lacking, and the body will easily cause malnutrition.

   Correction method: eat some red meat appropriately

   To make the body lean and healthier, it is necessary to supplement a variety of nutrients. It is not enough to eat vegetarian food. It is scientific and reasonable to eat red lean meat appropriately. Red meat contains the famous L-carnitine ingredient, which can promote fat burning, and can keep fat and muscle in a balanced state, so that the body's fat and muscle mass are up to the standard. What you need to know is that L-carnitine is It does not exist in vegetarian food. In addition, the protein in red meat is an essential nutrient for the human body, which plays an important role in the formation of cell tissues. At the same time, it is also the basis of all life activities. Enough protein in the body also maintains a lean body. Fish, eggs, and dairy foods are the main sources of high-quality protein.

   just sit down after eating

   This is a bad problem for many people. Just after eating, they just lie down on the sofa and watch TV, and even sleep in bed directly. This is a very unscientific lifestyle. Because the calories in the body have not been consumed in time after the meal has just been eaten, sitting or lying down at this time will cause fat on the waist and abdomen.

   Correction method: walk after meal

For health and good shape, do not sit down or stand up immediately after a meal, take a short break for 10 minutes, and then perform simple exercises, even if you just stand for a while, it is good to walk for 15 minutes if you are willing to promote it. Food is digested and can eliminate the feeling of bloating just after eating.

   a bad posture raises a big belly

  Big belly is mostly cultivated under bad living habits. For example, sitting posture will directly affect the growth of abdominal fat, which can be the number one killer of abdominal obesity. In addition, poor postures such as chest hunch can also cause fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen.

   Correction method: Use cushion

   There is a cushion that has the characteristics of adjusting and supporting the back of the spine. It will form several supporting points on the back and keep the back straight. Frequent use of this adjustable cushion can prevent fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen.

   There is no restriction, eat everything

   There are many people who are greedy, and there are also many people who love food. Eating is not a bad thing, but I don’t know how to control it. No matter how much calories you want, it will eventually lead to obesity. Greedy is also one of the main causes of obesity.

   Correction method: control food intake

   In order to take in more kinds of nutrients, it is natural to have a balanced and complete diet, but when eating each kind of food, you must have such awareness that you know clearly which part of the body will become after eating these foods. In addition, it is necessary to develop healthy eating habits, so as to avoid fat increase.

   sleeping on the side

   Maybe you don’t know that sleeping posture can also affect your body. For example, lying on your side for a long time will cause poor blood circulation and make your body feel sore and numb. Sleeping on your stomach for a long time will cause your back to bend, which can easily lead to abdominal obesity.

   Correction method: supine sleeping position

   Lying on the back is an ideal sleeping position. You can put a pillow under your knees to keep your back and body straight and relieve back pain.

  The lower abdomen is protruding and the waist cannot be seen

   Many people don't have that prominent belly, but the waistline is not obvious. Ordinary sit-ups will not help.

  The protruding lower abdomen will affect the waist line. If the abdomen is obese, the waist line will not be visible. Even if you practice sit-ups every day, it will not have a good effect.

   Correction method: sideways crunches

  Improve the original crunches and choose sideways crunches. Specific method: Lie flat on the floor or bed with your arms flat on your sides. Place your left hand behind your head, lying on your side below the waist. Slowly lift up the upper body, repeat it 10 times, then change the right hand and place it behind the head, and do it 10 times in the same way. At first, you may feel a little soreness in the waist and abdomen. You can do a few less, and gradually increase the intensity when you are proficient.


   I want to speak in a soft voice like a lady. Although the tone is soft and pleasant, it is not conducive to maintaining a thin body, because this way of speaking does not resonate with Dantian Qi, and women who speak this way often do not perform body movements.

   Correction method: speak loudly

   Put away the baggage of the lady and talk to your friends loudly. When speaking loudly, you can use Dantian Qi and activate other parts of the body, which can promote fat burning and enhance cardiopulmonary function.


   These good habits are not difficult to achieve. Choosing good habits can avoid the painful Weight loss process. In addition, remind everyone that you must always pay attention to your posture when sitting, standing, walking, and walking, and keep your body straight, so that you can avoid hoarding fat in a certain part.

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