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How can I lose weight fast?

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How to lose weight fast

   One, three principles of fast Weight loss in a week

   1. Do not reduce food intake, reduce calorie intake

  2, fasting will make the pressure last

  3, smooth bowel movements

   Two, 5 ways to lose weight in a week

   No matter how many kilograms you want to lose in a short period of time, as long as it damages your health and disrupts your homeostasis, Weight loss methods should be avoided. Here are 5 practical methods.

   Method 1: Use porridge instead of rice, halve the calories

  In this week, porridge is used instead of rice. It is also a bowl of weight. The calories of porridge are much lower than rice, and the rich water can make you feel full, control appetite, prevent and improve overeating.

   In addition, you can add seaweed, hijiki and other seaweed ingredients to cook porridge, which is rich in dietary fiber, promotes detoxification, and slows the body's absorption of fat and sugar.

  Method 2: Add some seaweed ingredients when eating vegetable and fruit salad

  Although salads are rich in enzymes and dietary fiber, potato salads, macaroni salads, etc. are added with a lot of mayonnaise and have high calories. Therefore, it is generally best to choose a vegetable and fruit salad, while adding seaweed food to activate the intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation, and slim waist, and eat safely and healthily.

   Method 3: Eat more warm vegetable dishes when food is not enough

When controlling your diet, you may often feel that you are not full and your stomach is still very hungry. At this time, you can cook some warm vegetable dishes, steaming and cooking are all OK, add some salt, pepper, vinegar and other seasonings to eliminate the feeling of fasting. , Supplement vitamins and minerals, at the same time, warm and can improve metabolism.

   Method 4: When you want to eat sweets, use pumpkin and sweet potatoes instead

   Cakes, chocolates, candies, desserts, etc., are many people who like to eat sweets, especially when you are under stress and in a bad mood, eating some sweets can really relieve your emotions. However, the sugar content of sweets is very high. You need to control your weight loss. You might as well steam some pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Natural sugar also brings you a sweet taste. Dietary fiber can improve constipation and promote detoxification!

  Method 5: Food with carbonated water

   Use medicinal or edible carbonated water prepared with baking soda, drink a glass slowly before meals or during meals to eliminate the feeling of fasting and prevent overeating. In addition, carbonic acid can dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation. It has a certain effect on improving cold symptoms and improving metabolism. At the same time, it can smoothly discharge waste toxins in the blood!

   Three, one-day weight loss schedule

  1, wake up

   Wake up in the morning, stretch the body on the bed, let the bones and muscles shape quickly. After getting up, you can drink a cup of carbonated water at room temperature to activate the blood circulation around the stomach, wake up the intestinal motility, and promote detoxification.

  2, morning

   Eat light porridge in the morning. If you can eat another egg, it would be better to add protein. Then after the food is almost digested, exercise more muscles and bones, and the metabolism will be accelerated for another whole day. For example, get off the bus one stop in advance, walk with steps, or climb stairs, stand as much as possible when taking the bus, and so on.

  3, noon to evening

   At noon, porridge is also the main food. Drink a glass of carbonated water before meals, paired with healthy cooking, weight-loss soup, and low-fat meat food to fully satisfy your stomach. If you have an empty stomach around 3 o'clock, if you want something to eat, then eat some sweet potatoes and pumpkin!

   4. Dinner

   Dinner is also made with porridge. If you think it’s too thin and not full, you can cook it thicker! It can be used with boiled vegetables, tofu, kelp, low-fat meat, eggs and other foods. But it is best to have dinner at around 7 o'clock in the evening, so that the food can be fully digested and prevent the accumulation of excess. Do not eat before going to bed!

   5. After dinner to before going to bed

   If you are hungry at night, drink a glass of carbonated water. A bubble bath can also relieve the feeling of fasting. Do some stretching exercises before the bath to circulate the blood. You can also do some relaxing stretching before going to bed to improve your sleep quality and help improve your physique.

Healthy weight loss

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