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The fastest way to lose weight

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The fastest way to lose weight

   1. Must have breakfast

  Breakfast is the most closely related to metabolism and Weight loss among the three meals a day! If you swallow dates throughout the breakfast, or even do not eat, then your body will be in a low metabolism state, lack energy, poor blood circulation, and you will get fat easily. Why is breakfast so important? The body's metabolism is at its lowest during sleep, and breakfast is the starter of metabolism. If breakfast is ignored, the body will not be able to burn fat as usual before lunch.

  2, drink 6 glasses of water a day

   Metabolism requires the participation of water. If the body is short of water, the rate of metabolism will decrease, and it will affect the rate of fat decomposition. Studies have found that every time you drink a glass of water, your metabolism will increase by 30%. Even if you are not sweating, you should drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. If you think the taste of white water is bad, you can try rose tea or put some lemon juice in the water to increase the flavor, but you must not use sugary drinks instead.

  3, eat small meals and 7 points full

   The body's metabolism becomes faster when you eat. If we eat something from time to time, the body will adapt to this rhythm, and the metabolic system will always be at work. Therefore, eating less and more meals is a good way to speed up our metabolism. One day’s food can be divided into 5 times to eat, the normal three meals a day, especially lunch and dinner to eat seven to eight times full, 10 am and 3 pm to eat separately, such as eating a handful of nuts, a glass of yogurt or It's a salad.

   4. Remember to sit for a long time after a meal:

   A hundred steps after a meal to live to ninety-nine, this is a Chinese saying. Walking around after a meal is also very important to lose weight and stay in shape. Sitting for a long time after meals will increase abdominal fat significantly, and is not conducive to maintaining flexible thinking. People will feel more lazy, and memory will decrease with time. Therefore, for friends at work, order less meals and insist on taking a walk after meals to help stay away. Little belly woman. You can also raise a dog at home and walk the dog after dinner, which is fun and easy to persist.

   5. Insist on exercising

  Exercise is the best way to keep your body in shape and healthy mind and body, but many friends lack patience and it is difficult to persist in the end. You can choose some simple sports that you are interested in, such as pulleys, bicycles, swimming, etc., skipping rope, etc. Remember, the only magic weapon to speed up your metabolism during exercise. It is especially recommended to do some strength training, such as squats, dumbbell training, etc., which can increase your muscle ratio. It is important to know that people with a high muscle ratio have a high basal metabolic rate and consume more calories per day than others.

Healthy weight loss

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