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Quick weight loss without rebound coup, easy to lose weight

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lose weight fast without rebound

  (1). Eight glasses of water a day

   Attention girls who want to lose weight. Drinking water can detoxify and eliminate excess fat in the body. Drink a glass of salted water the first thing in the morning, drink a glass of water an hour before going to bed at night, and drink it at any time. You can drink tea water frequently for better results, but it is not easy to drink too much every day. Note: The water I am talking about here refers to boiled water or mineral water. Other beverages can not only lose weight but also make your weight soar again.

  (2). Daily exercise

   In the morning and afternoon, if time permits, try to walk or ride a bicycle to work or school. Go home in the evening and do some exercise. You can go to dam dance or practice yoga. Pay attention to walking for 20 minutes after a meal to help break down excess fat in the body.

  (3). Eat more fruits

Make sure to eat two catties of bananas, two catties of apples, two catties of small tomatoes, two catties of hawthorn and other fruits with low sugar content every week. Hawthorn is best to eat a few after meals every day. You can also make a facial mask with part of the fruit peel. Your skin looks more supple.

  (4). Eat less high-calorie foods and junk foods

Normal cuties like to eat high-calorie foods such as bread, burgers, sugar, potato chips, fried foods, etc. Do you know that these are the killers of the devil's figure, for beauty and health, I hope the cuties can quit Like eating junk food, change to fruit, believing that you must be a beautiful woman if you lose weight, so restrain your bad habits.

  (5). Healthy breakfast

Many girls do not eat breakfast in order to lose weight. Here I tell you a misunderstanding that skipping breakfast will not only not lose weight, but also increase weight. In fact, people who do not eat breakfast have a much higher blood cholesterol than those who eat breakfast normally, which is obesity. One big reason. The correct Healthy weight loss breakfast I suggest you eat cereals, millet porridge, rice porridge and other high-fiber foods to help you lose weight healthy and fast.

  (6). From the emperor to the beggar style of eating

   Eat like an emperor for breakfast, even if you eat more fatty food, this does not include junk food; eat like a commoner at noon, and eat like a beggar at night, you can eat less appropriately. If you can’t eat too much, you have to take care of your mouth even if it is particularly delicious. Eat more vegetables and less meat. You can’t eat snacks after dinner, and you can’t even eat fruit after 10 o’clock in the evening.

lose weight

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